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Biomass Gasification Expert

What does a biomass gasification expert or gasification consultant do?  Gasification is the process of turning some variety of feedstocks into higher value products. This is most often done by converting a material containing carbon (like coal, biomass, waste, petroleum coke, etc.) —into a syngas. This syngas is then burned to produce electricity, or it is further processed to manufacture chemicals, fertilizers, liquid fuels, substitute natural gas (SNG), or hydrogen.  A big benefit of gasification is that it can begin with some material that otherwise would have been disposed, e.g. some type of biodegradeable waste.  Gasification has been used on a commercial scale worldwide for more many years in refining, fertilizer, and chemical industries, and over the past three decades in generating electric power industry. Syngas can be burned directly in gas engines, used to produce methanol and hydrogen, or converted into a synthetic fuel via a process known as the Fischer-Tropsch process.

A gasification expert or gasification consultant is someone who has a background, education and experience in this area.  Gasification experts/consultants do many different things.  Often they are called upon by investors trying to conduct due diligence on a project.  They may assist in selecting the right equipment for a particular project, of help in the oversight of building a gasification plant.  They might assist a gasification plant owner in insuring that the plant runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  In matters involving gasification related litigation, the gasification consultant may serve as a gasification expert witness to and assist the attorneys with better understanding the exact gasification issues involved, and may testify in court about the gasification related matters.

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