Lee Enterprises Consulting began in 1995, and over the past twenty-five years, has grown to become the world’s premier bioeconomy consulting group with over 150 bioenergy and biochemical experts worldwide. Our experts are world-renowned leaders in their field, selected based on their education, experience, and reputation, and have done thousands of projects worldwide. Lee Enterprises Consulting is divided into sections including biofuels, biomaterials, biochemicals, feedstocks, technologies, land & natural resources management, food & livestock production, and synthetic biology, and provides hundreds of services including business & financial, technical & engineering, project management, legal & regulatory, and a variety of highly specialized services like due diligence, market research, risk analysis, litigation support and techno-economic analysis. Our size makes us the largest bioeconomy consulting group in the world. The caliber of our experts and our collective knowledge make us the best!




Our mission has always been to provide solutions via a complete network of experts who are passionate about the impact of bio-based and renewable processes.  We strive to be a single source for clients seeking assistance in any area of the bioeconomy.   Individually, we stay abreast of developments in our respective fields and collectively, we collaborate often. This allows us to deliver the interdisciplinary advice, assessment, plans, and solutions that best serve the needs of any client.



“Your team did a great job for us as we continue underwriting this transaction.  Your team’s ability to identify areas of concern in yield achievement and cost expectations for the expansion were very helpful.  Thanks again for the great work”. PHA Plant Production, Market, & Expansion Plan Evaluation for Capital Financing Group

“We hired Lee Enterprises Consulting to help prepare revenue projections of offtake agreements for refined anaerobic digester biogas including an assessment of future RIN and LCFS credit values to meet California Energy Commission grant requirements. LEC exceeded our performance expectations, working well with all parties involved and providing the reports meeting CEC requirements.” Business Development Analyst- Synthetic Biology Company

“We hired Lee Enterprises Consulting to help us prepare our IP protection plan and patent application. LEC exceeded our expectations, providing technology and market insight to identify further areas where our technology could be utilized, broadening the scope of our patent application.” Anaerobic Digestion Technology Company

“Our firm hired Lee Enterprises Consulting to ensure we had the bio-industry sector specialists on our project team required to meet the client’s specific needs that included due diligence for a greenfield ethanol facility. LEC provided us with process review and guidance as well as the market and infrastructure expertise. They were flexible, working with us to respond to challenging and changing project requirements.” Multinational engineering, design and project management firm.

A Word From Our CEO




Integrity:  We uphold the highest standards of honesty and integrity in all our dealings.

Commitment:  We develop relationships with our customers and experts that foster positive, long term relationships.

Quality:  We provide the best professional services in the timeliest and most cost effective manner.

Teamwork:  We collaborate and work together to provide clients with an unparalleled cumulative knowledge.

Respect:  We value our experts’ talents, encouraging continued development and rewarding performance.

Accountability: We hold every member of our team accountable for delivering on our commitments.