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Advanced Biofuels Expert

What does an advanced biofuels expert or consultant do?  When we speak of “advanced biofuels”, we are referring to second generation biofuels – as opposed to first generation biofuels.  First generation biofuels are generally made from food crops like virgin vegetable oils (soybean oil, canola oil, etc.) or sugar cane. Although there are exceptions, advanced […]

Organic Acids: Key Facilitators of the Bio-economy

Recent declines in oil prices and the failure of start-up biofuel processes to meet production cost targets have increased the interest in producing value added chemicals from biomass as coproducts. The vision is that these products can leverage the production of fuel by providing revenue to supplement the lower value fuel products. Replacing fossil fuel […]

A Short History of Biofuels

Introduction In the modern world, fuels are often equated with fossil fuels:  coal, oil and natural gas.  However, fossil fuels only came into their own during the 20th century.  From the time of the caveman until the early Industrial Revolution, biofuels – namely wood and the advanced biofuel of the day, charcoal – reigned supreme.  […]

Scale-Up of Emerging Biofuel Technologies

By:  Lorenz Bauer, PhD and William Quapp, MSME INTRODUCTION: The continued interest in advanced biofuels has produced numerous exciting technical advances on the laboratory, pilot and demonstration scales.  However, attempts to translate these small scale successes into commercial technologies have been less successful.   It is easy to blame lower oil and natural gas prices and […]