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Federal Funding Application Experts

What are Federal Funding Application Experts?  The US Departments of Energy and Agriculture continues to be a major source of funding for research and development of biofuels.  This was recently illustrated by an announcement of plans to post $78 million in federal opportunities announcements (FOAs) in the near future. Federal Funding Application consultants are those […]

Renewable Energy Expert

What do renewable energy experts or consultants do?  Renewable energy sources (RES) are ones that capture their energy from existing flows of energy, from on-going natural processes like sunshine, wind, flowing water, biological processes, and geothermal heat flows. Unlike fossil fuels such as petroleum that are exploited at rates that may deplete these resources in […]

Biofuels Feasibility Expert

What does a biofuel feasibility expert or consultant do?  A biofuels feasibility expert can help investors determine if a proposed product can achieve the targeted goals and milestones indicated in a business plan.  They look at all aspects of the project proposal including feedstock available, construction site, technology design and performance, logistics and market potential to confirm […]

Advanced Biofuels Expert

What does an advanced biofuels expert or consultant do?  When we speak of “advanced biofuels”, we are referring to second generation biofuels – as opposed to first generation biofuels.  First generation biofuels are generally made from food crops like virgin vegetable oils (soybean oil, canola oil, etc.) or sugar cane. Although there are exceptions, advanced […]

Celebrating Canada’s 150th: A Short History of the Biofuel Industry in Canada

 By Dr. Gerald Kutney, Lee Enterprises Consulting The 150th anniversary of Confederation on July 1st is a time to reflect upon the country’s achievements; this article covers the evolution of the Canadian biofuel industry – including gaseous, liquid and solid biofuels, and biomass power – from 1867 to 2017. The foundations of the biofuel industry in […]

Understanding Enzymes: Manganese Peroxidase for Industrial Applications

Enzymes are proteins that are produced by all living organisms. Their function is to make chemical reactions proceed at a rapid pace so that life can continue. Humans have learned to adapt the activity of enzymes for their use in manufacturing useful materials. Manganese peroxidase is an iron-containing enzyme that oxidizes Mn2+ to Mn3+, which […]