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Process Integration in Industrial Biotechnology / Synthetic Biology

What does a Process Integration Biotechnology or Synthetic Biology Expert do?  First, let’s define terms.  These two terms are frequently interchanged, but are not exactly synonymous; synthetic biology should be considered one of the tools used to build a commercially useful process in the field of industrial biotechnology.  The key feature is that industrial processes […]

Biorefineries: Our Synthetic Biology Future

By Bob Kodrzycki, PhD This is the eighth in a series of articles prepared by the experts at Lee Enterprises Consulting (LEC) who will be speaking at the ABLC 2018 conference in Washington DC, February 28 to March 2.  Definitions are tricky. They tend to change with the times depending on perspective and technology. Take […]

Innovators Dilemma Revisited in Renewable Chemicals and Materials

By Daniel Lane and Joel Stone. Daniel had an interesting discussion recently with his 8-year old son, in which he inadvertently recalled the history of the telephone, backwards. It started with his son finding an old ‘flip’ style cell phone in a box of junk and asking just what one would expect (“What in the […]

Opportunities to Transition Ethanol Facilities to Biochemical Refineries

By Daniel Lane, Lee Enterprises Consulting The US commercial petroleum industry started with the drilling by retired railroad conductor Edwin Drake of a well near Titusville, PA in 1859. Drake’s well sparked an oil boom and over the next couple of years, and US petroleum production grew rapidly. By 1865, the first successful oil pipeline was […]