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Biomass Technology Experts

What does a biomass technology expert or consultant do?  First, let’s define “biomass technology”.  There are many specific types of biomass conversion technologies, primarily divided into four major groups.  The first group are thermal conversion technologies.  These technologies use heat to convert biomass materials into energy, and include pyrolysis and torrefaction technologies.  The second group are chemical conversion technologies which, as the name implies, use chemicals to convert biomass into liquid fuels.  A third group are biochemical conversions, which involve the use of use of enzymes, bacteria or some other organism to break down biomass into fuel.   Example of these are anaerobic digestion and fermentation technologies.  The fourth group are thermochemical conversion technologies.  These use heat and chemical processes to convert biomass into energy.  This group normally encompasses the gasification technologies.

A biomass technology expert is someone who has a background, education and experience in the specific area, like anaerobic digestion, gasification, pyrolysis or torrefaction.  These experts understand and follow the technological development in their area of expertise, and can assist with overcoming technological and economical challenges in project development.  These experts also typically have experience with the selected biomass feedstock.

Biomass technology experts are often called upon to assist in selecting the right equipment for a particular project, or to help in the oversight of building of a plant.  They are used by investors conducting due diligence on project or technology.  In matters involving biomass technology litigation, these biomass consultants may serve as expert witnesses, assisting the attorneys with a better understanding the exact issues involved, and they may testify in court about the technology related matters.

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