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Pyrolysis Expert

What does a pyrolysis expert or a pyrolysis consultant do? Pyrolysis is a process of heat treating biomass or wastes in the absence of added oxygen.   The aim is to preserve the carbon content so that the product can be used as a fuel or processed to further to produce valuable chemicals.   The products include biogas, bio-oil and aqueous material.  The relative amounts and quality are a function of the technology used and operating conditions.

A pyrolysis expert or consultant is someone who has a significant background in this area, through education and experience.  An expert in pyrolysis has a wide range of expertise in the technologies and businesses concerning the production pyrolysis included the various technologies used to generate the pyrolysis and their relative strengths and weaknesses.  They know how to adjust parameters to obtain the desired product mix.  They are familiar with both upstream feed handling and pretreatment and downstream separation and upgrading process.

The pyrolysis expert may assist investors in selecting the right technology and in preparing due diligence/feasibility studies and loan/grant applications.  They follow the pyrolysis market and have experience with the current state of supply, demand, and pricing.  They are familiar with renewable fuel mandates and credits and other regulations.  They understand fuel specifications for blending and how the meet therm.   They know many of the key players in the industry.   During design, the pyrolysis expert may perform a peer review of the design, prepare cost opinions and assist with permit applications.  During construction, the pyrolysis expert can assist with construction oversight of the pyrolysis facility and provide commissioning reports. They may also provide operator training, start-up assistance, and recipe management to assist pyrolysis plant owners in making the plant run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. In matters involving pyrolysis litigation, the consultant may serve an expert witness and assist the attorneys with understanding the processes and related technical issues and may testify in court about aspects of pyrolysis technology and related matters.

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