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Expert Witness – Economics & Damages in the Bioeconomy

An expert witness in biotechnology is a person, who by virtue of his or her knowledge, experience, education, training, and skills, has special knowledge of one of the many technologies in the bioeconomy that is not known to the general public.   The function of the biotechnology expert (link to other blog) is to give the attorneys and trier of fact an opinion on why a particular technology did or did not work properly.  The expert witness in economics and damages is one who can opine as to the monetary damages caused by any such failure(s).   Often, the bio technical expert will have the necessary training and experience to also testify as to damages, but in many instances these may be two separate experts.  The economic expert must have the ability to quantify the dollar amount resulting from the biotechnology’s improper design, manufacture, instillation or operation.   Often, even where liability is found, the biotechnology damages expert can increase or lessen the impact of the resulting verdict or settlement.

Lee Enterprises Consulting is the world’s largest bioeconomy consulting group.  We have over 100 highly qualified renewable energy and renewable chemical experts, many with stellar credentials insofar as economic testimony.  backgrounds .  Our experts are available to serve as expert witnesses in the many areas biofuels, biomaterials, bio-technologies, and feedstocks. See our areas of expertise and feel free to call or email us for more information.