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Appraisals for the Bioeconomy

There are relatively few professionals with significant expertise in measuring the value of bioeconomy businesses and assets.  This is likely because the majority of bioeconomy valuations call for opinions on the value of ongoing biodiesel or bioethanol plants, or even the more cutting edge biotechnologies such as pyrolysis, torrefaction, waster to energy, or gasification, or simply the value of the machinery and equipment involved.

Evaluating the complex bioeconomic assets like the business itself,  its patents and other intangible items, or even the machinery and equipment, takes a professional appraiser with this type of experience.  Knowing that every dollar counts, being precise can mean millions of dollars in variances, when done, even by good appraisers who simply have no experience in these unique industries. Whether providing appraisals for feasibility and development, lending and finance, investment due diligence, tax (federal/IRS and SALT: property taxes, cost segregation, purchase price allocations, estates, gifts), investor reporting/SEC reporting, fairness opinions, government regulations and due diligence, or litigation matters such as damages, it is crucial that the client be in capable, experienced hands.

Lee Enterprises Consulting’s designated and licensed (certified) appraisers have both the training and credentials to handle these bioeconomy requests.  Equally important, they have the support of our larger group of over 100 subject matter experts, vital especially in technical matters.  Feel free to call or email us for more information.