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Torrefaction Expert

Torrefaction is the roasting of any solid biomass in an inert atmosphere. Some of the volatile components of the feedstock is driven off in form of Syngas that can be used to fuel the process plus generate thermal or electrical energy. The solid part is either an ideal carbon neutral substitute fuel for coal or heating oils – for transport reasons agglomerated to pellets or briquettes – or it is further processed to manufacture soil enhancers, carbon for chemical industry or printery. By torrefaction many residues and plants which are today disposed off or cause costs can be turned into a value.

Torrefaction technologies have been developed and implemented by several companies around the globe. First industrial scale production sites are operating. The processes are highly adjustable in terms of products – electricity, fuel, soil enhance etc., as reaction to market conditions.

Torrefaction experts will have a good command on the technological development, experience to help overcome technological and economical challenges in project development and will typically also have experience with feedstock selection, handling and eventually necessary pre-treatment. They may assist in selecting the right feedstock, finding the appropriate technology, overlooking the engineering and implementation phase, specifying typical market/product needs.

At Lee Enterprises Consulting, we have several highly qualified torrefaction experts available to assist you with any torrefaction related matter.  Feel free to call or email us for more information.