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Wastewater Plant Energy Balance

Wastewater treatment plants are major energy consumers.  Much of the energy consumption at domestic wastewater treatment plants is needed to provide oxygen for biological treatment, or to pump or mix wastewater.  In recent years, wastewater facility owners and operators have made increasing efforts to reduce the net energy consumption of their facilities.  Energy conservation measures are a good first step, at virtually every facility, but production of energy is also an option at some facilities.  Anaerobic digestion of the biosolids byproduct of wastewater treatment produces biogas that can be used for power generation, or can be processed and pressurized to power motor vehicles or supplement natural gas supplies.

The wastewater treatment and biogas expert can help you improve the net energy balance and net operating cost of your existing wastewater treatment facility, or help you to plan for an efficient new facility.

At Lee Enterprises Consulting, we have many highly qualified bio-ethanol experts available to assist with any related matter.  Feel free to call or email us for more information.