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Expert Witness – Biodiesel

An expert witness in the field of biodiesel is a person, who by virtue of his or her knowledge, experience, education, training, and skills, has special knowledge of biodiesel that is not known to the general public.  The initial function of the expert witness is usually that of a consultant hired to look at some particular matter within his or her expertise, and to give the attorney/client his or her thoughts on either some aspect of causation or the resulting damages.  If the information provided by the expert is helpful to the attorney, the expert will likely then be officially disclosed an “expert witness” in the case.  If the initial information provided is not helpful in terms of prevailing on issues of causation or damages, the attorney may well use the information to make an informed decision to settle the matter.

Once an expert witness is disclosed as such, he or she assumes a more active role in the litigation.  At this point, the expert’s duty is to educate the trier of fact (either the jury, or the judges, in non-jury trials) as to the matters. It is important to remember that the expert witness is not an advocate, but merely a person with special knowledge.   As an expert witness, the biodiesel specialist, as with any expert witness, should always provide impartial and unbiased results.  The Federal Rules of Evidence and Rules of Civil Procedure, together with the many state rules, govern the testimony of experts.

As with any experts witness, it is important that prior to accepting employment, the biodiesel expert first make certain that he or she has the exact skill set to serve as the expert in the particular matter, and that they check for any conflicts they may have in accepting the engagement.  Lee Enterprises Consulting is the world’s largest bioeconomy consulting group.  We have over 100 highly qualified renewable energy and renewable chemical consultants.  Each are highly esteemed experts in their fields with many years’ experience.  None of our experts make their living by testifying as expert witness.  However, all are well trained and experienced in alternative energy and chemicals, and most have testified many times.  Our experts are available to serve as expert witnesses in the many areas biofuels, biomaterials, bio-technologies, and feedstocks. See our areas of expertise and feel free to call or email us for more information.