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Plastic Waste Recycling

Plastic waste is a huge problem and plastic waste recycling is  vital interest to all of us.   As a frame of reference to the size of the plastic waste pollution problem, consider this:  In 1950, there were 2 million metric tons around the globe.  In 2017, this number had increased to 8.3 billion metric tons.   But the really bad news is this number is projected at 34 billion by 2050!   Worse, only about 9% of this plastic waste is recycled and only about 12% incinerated, leaving almost 80%.  Quite simply, plastic waste is taking over and something needs to be done.

Plastic is one of the most widely used and cheapest materials in the world today. Almost everything we use is either made from plastic or wrapped in plastic. Plastic pollution adversely affects wildlife, wildlife habitat, and humans.   We must move on this issue faster or we risk widespread harm.   Plastic waste consultants assist in resolving these problems.  With relatively new technologies, they assist in turning these plastics back into something useful.

At Lee Enterprises Consulting, we have several types of highly qualified plastic waste consultants and experts available to assist you with any plastic or waste to energy related matter.  Feel free to call or email us for more information.