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Biochar Consultant

What does a biochar consultant do? First, let’s define biochar.  Biochar is a range of biomass-derived high carbon content chars with very high surface area per unit weight that are used as soil amendments or as water/ground remediation agents.  Biochar is the rediscovery of the Amazon indigenous peoples’ practice of burning the forest and incorporating the resulting char into previously poor soils to achieve long-term fertility.  High-fertility US prairie soils may be the similar result of burning prairie grasses.  Biochar is a rapidly growing business, driven by continuous demonstration of improvements in plant growth, resistance to drought, amendment of depleted and infertile soils, and removal of pollutants from water, waste water, and contaminated soils.  As this demonstration drives the US biochar market at 25 – 40 % CAGR, significant changes in production, distribution, and marketing of biochar are occurring.  The original pioneers of backyard biochar production are adapting to high volume, carefully controlled  biochar systems to support their growing markets.

A biochar consultant is someone who has significant background in this area, through education and/or experience.  An expert in biochars has a wide range of expertise in the technologies and businesses concerning the production and upgrading, analysis and field testing, of a range of biochars produced from renewable resources.

The biochar expert may assist investors in selecting the right biochar technology & application experience,  and in preparing due diligence/feasibility studies and loan/grant applications. The Biochar expert will advise on the suitability of existing biomass conversion plants as sources of marketable biochar.   Alternatively, they may assist owners of existing operating biomass conversion facilities to determine the technical and commercial options for entering the biochar market.  The biochar expert will also provide procedures development, training, and product quality management to assist biomass / biochar plant owners to make their plants run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The biochar expert will advise on feedstock selection, plant growth trials, remediation studies and the selection of an appropriate biochar for a given application from  the dozens available. The consultant may serve as an expert witness.

At Lee Enterprises Consulting, we have a number of highly qualified biochar experts available to assist you with any biochar related matter.  Feel free to call or email us for more information.