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Carbon Negative Impacts from Biomass Conversion

By Andrew Grant, Lee Enterprises Consulting Canada, New England, and California all have Carbon Credit programs to achieve GHG reduction goals. Several forms of biomass diversion from landfills, farms, and other biomass – dependent GHG sources are already in operation to support significant GHG reductions. Examples of GHG reductions are given, and the carbon impact of […]

Gasification: The Flexible Answer to Biomass Conversion

Biomass is a rich salad of chemicals that contains many highly valuable materials that are precursors to fine chemicals, nutrients, and pharmaceuticals. But this strength is also a weakness of biomass. The assortment of materials in biomass is bound together in a complex, stable structure in varying amounts. Processing biomass to generate higher value products […]

Understanding Enzymes: Manganese Peroxidase for Industrial Applications

Enzymes are proteins that are produced by all living organisms. Their function is to make chemical reactions proceed at a rapid pace so that life can continue. Humans have learned to adapt the activity of enzymes for their use in manufacturing useful materials. Manganese peroxidase is an iron-containing enzyme that oxidizes Mn2+ to Mn3+, which […]