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Waste-to-Gas Expert

What does a Waste to Gas expert or consultant do?  Waste-to-Gas technology is used to covert waste into gaseous energy products like syngas, biogas, or flue gas. There are many types of waste, including biomass waste, municipal solid waste (MSW), industrial waste, sewage sludge, and used tires that can be used as feedstocks. These wastes can be converted into higher value energy products by the thermochemical and biochemical processes, without or with additional reactants like water, oxygen or air.)  The produced product composition depends on the types of feedstock and reactants, and the applied physico-chemical interaction conditions in the system. Waste-to-Gas technology relates to Waste-to-Energy Technology, such as Gasification, Plasma Enhanced Gasification, Steam Reformation, Pyrolysis, Incineration, and Anaerobic Digestion.

Effective scrubbing/ cleaning systems are applied to remove contaminants from the usable fuel products to produce clean/renewable energy and protect land, water, and air. The produced gases and residual waste heat can be used to power combined cycle gas turbines, reciprocating gas engines for the generation of electricity and “green” hydrogen. Additionally, the produced syngas, the appropriate Waste-to-Gas technology can potentially be coupled with a Gas-to-Liquids technology (e.g., Fischer – Tropsch process) to produce higher value liquid synthetic fuels, such as synthetic diesel, methanol, and “green” chemicals.

The Waste-to-Energy Technology Expert has knowledge and experience in feedstock requirements, related processes, scrubbing/ cleaning system, and produced energy product applications. The expert can provide technical due diligence on a waste conversion project for investors.

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