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Waste to Energy in Municipal Landfills

Many cities and counties need an alternative to simple landfilling as they seek to recycle the more difficult organics and plastics rather than the easier items such as clean paper, plastics and metals.  Traditional waste-to-energy facilities might work well in some instances, but they are normally expensive.  Also, they may not meet the sustainability goals, and often encounter issues such as siting.

The client’s landfill may be composed of food wastes, urban bio-wastes, agricultural or food processing wastes, C&D debris, utility ROW bio waste, non-recyclable waste paper, non-recyclable plastics, manufacturing wastes, sewage sludge, recycling rejects, and many other items, and a primary component of evaluation will be waste-to-value.

This is where a waste-to-energy expert or consultant can assist. The expert should have both academic training and an extensive practical experience in various waste processes.  He or she should also have a good grasp of the economic and environmental issues surrounding the use of these processes.  Experts with waste-to-value experience should be able to assist with both the principal processes to be used and the project configurations. The expert should be able to apply these to the municipality’s particular needs.  The waste expert should be able to match inputs to the range of waste-based high value products like bio-fuels, jet fuels, biodiesel, bio-butanol, renewable CNG vehicle fuel, proteins, food-grade fats and oils, key chemicals, base load renewable power and thermal energy via CHP, and plastics monomers.

Lee-Enterprises Consulting has 100+ bioeconomy experts, including waste-to-value experts who can identify practical, profitable, solutions and will facilitate project financing and construction by established, reliable, organizations.   Our team of waste-to-value consultants can define a range of solutions for you.  Feel free to call or email us for more information.