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Circular Economy and Waste Conversion

By Zoltan Kish, Ph.D. The increasing amount of waste is one of the most demanding problems facing the world, which creates global environmental challenges. Worldwide, 2.12 billion tons of waste are generated annually, and it is expected to rise at the current trend [1]. The most of the trash ends up in landfills emitting harmful […]

Why and When You Need a Project Consultant

As the CEO of the world’s largest bioenergy consulting group, I am fortunate to have a unique opportunity to view alternative fuels projects from many different perspectives. Within our group, now numbering over 75 experts, I find that each member has his or her own approach which developed from their personal experience and training. As […]

What Makes Lee Enterprises Consulting Different?

We are the largest alternative and renewable fuels consulting group in the world.  But, more importantly, we have a very unique combination of industry experience and expertise that allows us to deliver proven results. Each of our consultants was selected for inclusion in the group.  Each has outstanding credentials.  Each is a recognized expert in […]