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Gasification Expert

A gasification expert is an expert in the process of converting biomass or other organic carbonaceous feedstocks into carbon monoxide, hydrogen and carbon dioxide.  The gasification process involves heating the material to a high temperature of > 700 ₒC without combustion by starving the material of oxygen.  There are many types of gasifiers and many […]

Biomass Supply Chain Expert – Agriculture

What is an agricultural biomass supply chain expert? Simply put, it is a person that understands the dozens of issues that will affect the production of the tens of thousands of tons of feedstock that a project needs to be profitable as it produces a fuel or chemical.  The expert should know how to get […]

Advanced Bioeconomy Business and Financial Services

Lee Enterprises Consulting is the world’s largest bioeconomy consulting group with over 100 subject matter experts all across the world.  We handle hundreds of different services in our five divisions.  As an example, our Bioeconomy Business  & Financial Section handles such items as Accounting & Auditing, Asset Management & Disposal, Biomass Marketing, Biofuels Budgeting (Capital […]

Advanced Biofuels Expert

What does an advanced biofuels expert or consultant do?  When we speak of “advanced biofuels”, we are referring to second generation biofuels – as opposed to first generation biofuels.  First generation biofuels are generally made from food crops like virgin vegetable oils (soybean oil, canola oil, etc.) or sugar cane. Although there are exceptions, advanced […]