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First Generation and Second Generation Biofuels

First generation biofuels are those made from sugar, starch, or vegetable oil.  Their feedstocks are those that may not be sustainable or might have an impact on food if used in large quantities.  These original first generation biofuels include biodiesel, ethanol, green diesel and biogas.  Second generation biofuels are those made from sustainable feedstocks as defined by the feedstock’s availability, and its impact on greenhouse gas emissions and land use.  Examples of second generation biofuels are those made from algae, renewable fuels made via the Fischer-Tropsch process, cellulosic ethanol and bio hydrogen.  While first generation biofuels are fairly developed at the present time, second generation biofuels are much newer and under development, thus not being as widely available for use.

First or second generation biofuels experts or consultants are those who have significant background in the particular area, through education and/or experience.  Often they have degrees in biochemistry or are biochemical engineers.  The first or second generation biofuels may assist investors in selecting the right technology or in preparing due diligence/feasibility studies and loan/grant applications. During design, especially with second generation biofuels, expert may perform a peer review of the design, prepare cost opinions and assist with permit applications.  During construction, these expert might assist with construction oversight of the facility and provide commissioning reports. They may also provide operator training, start-up assistance and management to assist in making the facilities run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. In matters involving biofuels litigation, the consultant may serve an expert witness and assist the attorneys with understanding the processes and related technical issues and may testify in court about the particular biofuels technology, economics or other  related matters.


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