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Biogas Consultant

What does a biogas consultant or biogas expert do?  Biogas is a naturally occurring mixture of gases consisting mostly of methane and carbon dioxide and is produced from the decay of organic matter.  The production of biogas by commercial means is performed in landfills (landfill gas), anaerobic (without oxygen) and aerobic (with oxygen) digesters, covered and […]

Renewable Natural Gas Expert

What does a renewable natural gas expert or consultant do? Renewable natural gas (RNG) also called biomethane is produced from biogas derived from renewable resources or biomass materials.  The biogas is cleaned, scrubbed and treated to remove carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and other impurities to make it suitable as a natural gas replacement that can […]

Anaerobic Digestion Expert

What does an Anaerobic Digestion expert or Anaerobic Digestion consultant do?  First, let’s define Anaerobic Digestion.   Anaerobic Digestion refers to is a series of processes in the absence of oxygen in which bacteria convert organic materials to biogas, digestate and water. An Anaerobic Digestion expert or Anaerobic Digestion consultant is someone who has significant background […]

Bioenergy Expert

What does a bioenergy expert or bioenergy consultant do? First, let’s define bioenergy.   By definition, bioenergy is the energy extracted from biomass as it is used as a fuel.  So, in a narrow sense, we think of bioenergy as biofuels – fuels derived from biological sources.  In a broader sense, bioenergy includes the biomass, or […]