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Biomass Gasification Techno-economic Analysis:

Techno-economic analysis (TEA) is the combination of conceptual process design and production cost estimation activities. Biomass gasification refers to the thermal deconstruction of woody or herbaceous feedstock to syngas (CO/H2). The syngas is subsequently converted to value-added products like methanol or dimethyl ether.

Techno-economic analysis is generally carried out by a chemical process engineer with relevant experience. For gasification, this may include high-temperature processing, FCC design and operation, and catalysis. A successful TEA requires an expert with proficiency in (and access to) flowsheet simulation software and capital cost estimation software.

Techno-economic analysis consultants may assist developers with plant design and simulation, equipment selection and sizing, capital cost estimation, and cost-of-consumables estimation. They can help developers communicate a technology’s commercial potential to investors and prioritize research areas with respect to economic impact. On the investor side, they may assist with due diligence activities including independent review of heat & material balances.

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