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Bioprocess Technology

What is bioprocess technology?  Bioprocess technology uses typically uses microbes such as yeast, bacteria, or fungi to produce a product by fermentation and/or enzymes to transform or modify a chemical or material to produce a final product.  Bioprocess technology is also commonly integrated with conventional physical and chemical methods to achieve a total process.  A fuel ethanol plant is a common and relatively simple example of a bioprocess.  Ethanol is an example of a simple anaerobic fermentation that produces a high boiling product, ethanol, that is thus easily separated from the fermentation.  Many other fermentations are aerobic fermentations and are more complex; because, of the nature of an aerobic fermentation and a range of products that are more difficult to separate from the fermentation into a final product.  The production of the sweetener high fructose corn syrup using the enzyme glucose isomerase to convert glucose into fructose is a well-known and simple example.

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