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Expert Witness – Biotechnology

An expert witness in biotechnology is a person, who by virtue of his or her knowledge, experience, education, training, and skills, has special knowledge of one of the many technologies in the bioeconomy that is not known to the general public.   The initial function of the biotechnology expert witness is usually to examine a particular […]

Appraisals for the Bioeconomy

There are relatively few professionals with significant expertise in measuring the value of bioeconomy businesses and assets.  This is likely because the majority of bioeconomy valuations call for opinions on the value of ongoing biodiesel or bioethanol plants, or even the more cutting edge biotechnologies such as pyrolysis, torrefaction, waster to energy, or gasification, or […]

Torrefied Biomass: Available, Efficient, CO2 Neutral and Economic – Likely the Best Solid Biomass on the Market

Torrefaction is a thermal pre-treatment technology used to upgrade lignocellulosic biomass to a higher quality and more attractive biofuel. In the torrefaction process, biomass is heated to 250-350°C in a low oxygen atmosphere, so that all moisture is removed and the biomass is partly devolatilises leading to a decrease in mass. Most of the initial […]

Brief Technology Assessments: An Economical Way of Confirming the Potential of New Technology

Pre-Feasibility Assessments: An Economical Way of Confirming the Potential of New Technology Lee Enterprises Consulting is the world’s largest bioenergy and biofuels consulting group with in-depth expertise covering virtually every facet of biodiesel, ethanol, biomass power, and emerging technologies (such as pyrolysis, gasification and torrefaction).  We are offering a new service to assess the commercial […]