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Methanol and Bio-economy Thoughts for Now and Future

By Lorenz Bauer, Ph.D., Lee Enterprises Consulting. The methanol and bioeconomies are two of the buzz words of the last decade.  They had their origin in the “peak oil” scare and the predicted sky rocketing oil prices.  They were further boosted by environmental concerns about pollution and climate change.    Both economies are continuing to grow; […]

Creating Value from Landfill Gas

Landfills contain a toxic stew of biomass materials from old tires to food wastes to animal manure. It is literally the bottom of the rubbish barrel. The US EPA estimates that 250 million tons of municipal solid wastes are sent to landfills each year. These materials have a wide range of chemicals in them, including […]

Bioenergy: An Overview

In general, low-carbon technologies fall into two separate categories: I. RES Forces – the direct production of electricity from a natural force that is not combusted, for example, wind, solar, hydro or geothermal II. RES Fuels – the production of electricity from the combustion of biomass-based materials; such materials are called biofuels and resulting electricity […]