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Industrial Fermentation Expert

What does an Industrial Fermentation Expert or Consultant do?  The word “fermentation” can apply to any process that uses a living cell in a medium that allows it to grow, and to perform whatever process may be commercially useful.  Thus, the word “fermentation” covers a continuum of processes, from the large scale production commodity chemicals, […]

Fermentation Expert

What does a Fermentation Expert or Consultant do? Fermentation strictly refers to the anaerobic growth of bacteria and yeasts, but it is the common term used to refer to any growth process of bacteria, archaea or fungi in glass or steel vessels outfitted with temperature and other environmental controls. A fermentation expert will have experience […]

Biofuels Expert

What does a biofuel expert do? Biofuels are a replacement for petroleum-derived fossil fuels.  They are derived from biomass and made via processes that meet lifecycle requirements to meet the definition so reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  There are currently three generations of biofuels,  the first generation is from sugar derived from food crops like corn and includes ethanol and ethanol along with fuels derived from further […]