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The Industrial State of Biofuels Technologies

A myriad of biofuel technologies exist, but which ones are truly industrial processes? The question is not always easy to answer. And one must define what is meant by an industrial process. To facilitate this task, three classifications of industrial status are utilized: Established – modern facilities are numerous, geographically wide-spread, and operational for a […]

Catalysis in Renewable Chemicals: Noteworthy Developments 2015-2016

Introduction The use of catalysts, both living entities, such as microorganisms, and otherwise inert synthetic and biologically-derived materials, such as supported transition metals and enzymes, are frequently key to the development of technically efficient and low cost commercial processes to biochemicals and biopolymers. The articles in Chemical Engineering Progress (CEP) and Chemical and Engineering News […]

Carbon Negative Impacts from Biomass Conversion

Canada, New England, and California all have Carbon Credit programs to achieve GHG reduction goals. Several forms of biomass diversion from landfills, farms, and other biomass – dependent GHG sources are already in operation to support significant GHG reductions. Examples of GHG reductions are given, and the carbon impact of the different commercially available biomass […]

Decentralized Organics to Energy with Containerized Anaerobic Digestion

Most trash and recycled waste materials are being processed on a regional basis to maximize the economy of scale. There have been various attempts to gather and process organic waste materials utilizing similar methods, but the challenges are far from resolved. As we transition to the bans on organic materials from landfills and even more […]

Advent Bioenergy’s wondrous plant in the far, far north: X-Mass, roasting chestnuts, project Rudolph and more

Breaking News: a Canadian venture has just moved up into the #1 spot of the “Top 50 Hottest Companies in the Advanced Bioeconomy,” according to the annual survey by Biofuels Digest – Advent Bioenergy (, founded by the reclusive entrepreneur, S. Claus. Lee Enterprises Consulting is proud to have been working with Advent Bioenergy for […]

Biomass-Fed Chemical Process Projects, 2016

This is a review of the biomass-fed chemical process projects to renewable chemicals which were published in Chemical Engineering Progress (CEP) and Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN) from 1/1/16 to 10/31/16, including activity in bioplastics, biopolymers and biochemicals. It is based on a spreadsheet database of published information from CEP and C&EN, which has been […]