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Bioenergy Expert

What does a bioenergy expert or bioenergy consultant do? First, let’s define bioenergy.   By definition, bioenergy is the energy extracted from biomass as it is used as a fuel.  So, in a narrow sense, we think of bioenergy as biofuels – fuels derived from biological sources.  In a broader sense, bioenergy includes the biomass, or […]

Renewable Energy Expert

What do renewable energy experts or consultants do?  Renewable energy sources (RES) are ones that capture their energy from existing flows of energy, from on-going natural processes like sunshine, wind, flowing water, biological processes, and geothermal heat flows. Unlike fossil fuels such as petroleum that are exploited at rates that may deplete these resources in […]

CAN/CSA-ISO 17225 Solid Biofuels Standards for Forest Biomass

In 2015, the Canadian Standards Association adopted and published a series of CAN/CSA – ISO 17225 Solid Biofuels Standards based on the harmonization of European and ISO standards.  The objective of the series, as stated in the ISO Standard, is “to provide unambiguous and clear classification principles for solid biofuels and to serve as a […]

Our Emerging Technologies Team

5/7/15 – For the past six months, the Emerging Technologies group of Lee Enterprises Consulting has been very active.  Among our major projects was the audit of a new-technology pyrolysis venture for an IPO, done for an investment banking firm.  In another major project, our experts recently vetted wood-to-(drop-in) fuel ventures for a European investor […]

Bioenergy: An Overview

In general, low-carbon technologies fall into two separate categories: I. RES Forces – the direct production of electricity from a natural force that is not combusted, for example, wind, solar, hydro or geothermal II. RES Fuels – the production of electricity from the combustion of biomass-based materials; such materials are called biofuels and resulting electricity […]