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Federal Funding Application Experts

What are Federal Funding Application Experts?  The US Departments of Energy and Agriculture continues to be a major source of funding for research and development of biofuels.  This was recently illustrated by an announcement of plans to post $78 million in federal opportunities announcements (FOAs) in the near future. Federal Funding Application consultants are those who aid clients in preparing responses to these federal funding opportunities announcements (FOAs).  These experts should have experience, both as authors and as reviewers, of winning proposals.  They should know the “ins and outs” of the process and be able to help ensure that ideas are presented in their most favorable light.  

 As of this writing, some of the current opportunities are:

 funding to support early-stage research projects to enable $3/gallon drop-in renewable hydrocarbon fuels from non-food biomass or waste feedstocks by 2022;

  • developing affordable and sustainable energy crops that can be used for biofuel production without competing with agricultural land for food production;
  • improving the performance of algae systems through the enhanced use of carbon dioxide for the production of biofuels and bioproducts;
  • development of highly-efficient conversion processes that can improve the affordability of biofuels and produce high-performance, high-value products like plastics and polymers from biomass feedstocks and waste resources; and
  • development of integrated processes for the production of renewable jet fuel and renewable diesel fuel, as well as producing baseload bio power, from sorted-municipal solid waste and bio-solids.

 Applying for these grants requires several steps including an initial screening, a detailed application, external peer review and final internal review by DOE staff.  The projects are judged on technical merit, commercial impact, a detailed plan and the budget and capabilities of the team, and the time from the issuing of the FOA to the final application is normally short.

 Lee-Enterprises has the grant and technical expertise to assist in all these areas, and the expertise to supplement the project teams with the skills needed to carry out the project successfully.  Feel free to call or email us for more information.