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Circular Economy Expert

What is a circular economy expert or consultant?  Circular Economy refers to an alternative to a traditional linear economy in which generated waste materials are recycled or converted into forms retaining as high value as possible.  Recycling is not only based on simple reusing the waste products. Many waste products as contaminated plastic, paper, diapers, medical waste, waste biomass, anaerobic digestion and industrial byproducts are very difficult to recycle. Waste can be converted into high-value products by mechanical/physical, thermochemical, and biochemical processes.

Consequently, a circular economy can be based on effective waste conversion technologies based on thermochemical and biochemical processes (e.g., Waste-to-Energy, Waste-to-Gas, and Gas-to-Liquids technologies) to produce usable products. Appropriate waste conversion technology applications in combination with reliable scrubbing/ cleaning systems are a path to a working Circular Economy. In the Circular Economy the waste, potentially, can be transformed to various forms of clean energy products, such as electricity, hydrogen, liquid synthetic fuels, “green” chemicals, and food-based products.

A Circular Economy Expert has knowledge and experience in a variety of waste conversion technologies and can provide expert advice in building the Circular Economy, Waste Reduction, Sustainable Product Regeneration, and Climate Change Mitigation.

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