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Catalyst testing: Lab and Pilot Scale

Energy and chemical technologies heavily rely on solid materials used as catalysts and sorbents for numerous types of chemical reactions and separations. Although significant advances have been made in molecular simulations and modeling for rational design of these solid materials, most newly developed industrial processes still depend on applied methods of testing solid catalysts/sorbents for reliable and stable operations. The facilities and labs needed for developing and testing different types of reactions are capital intensive, use varied raw materials (e.g., gases, liquids, and solids), generate trace amount of hazardous impurities and waste products on a continuous basis, and require increasing levels of controls and analytical capability to ensure safe and reliable operation. These are significant requirements and often are an impediment for research efforts. Typically, no single R&D facility can handle such variety of reactions. More important, high skilled labor and talent is also needed to understand complex reaction systems and work with clients (often involving a number of partners) in a timely manner to advance chemical processes.

We have partnered with labs that can offer a number of services – toll catalyst testing, preparation and scale up, characterization, mass and energy balance, PFD, P&ID, Design Hazard Review, electrical, mechanical and instrumentation design, fabrication and commissioning of lab to pilot scale systems, process development studies, and comprehensive TEA/LCA.  At our partner labs several reactor systems for this type of testing are currently available: some examples include, Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthesis, hydro-treating trickle bed, selective hydrogenation, hydroprocessing, hydrocracking, water gas shift combined with pre-combustion CO2 capture, alcohol synthesis, aqueous phase reactions, dehydration, ammoxidation, selective oxidation and high pressure Parr.

The above mentioned facilities can serve a range of industries, including natural gas to liquids, coal to liquids, biofuels, biochemicals, utility and power generation, CO2 utilization, CO2 capture, gasification, reforming, and resource recovery.

At Lee Enterprise Consulting, we have a number of qualified experts and partner R&D organizations that allow access to catalyst testing both at lab and pilot scale for industrial chemical and fuels processes.  Feel free to call or email us for more information.