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Process Integration in Industrial Biotechnology / Synthetic Biology

What does a Process Integration Biotechnology or Synthetic Biology Expert do?  First, let’s define terms.  These two terms are frequently interchanged, but are not exactly synonymous; synthetic biology should be considered one of the tools used to build a commercially useful process in the field of industrial biotechnology.  The key feature is that industrial processes […]

Industrial Fermentation Expert

What does an Industrial Fermentation Expert or Consultant do?  The word “fermentation” can apply to any process that uses a living cell in a medium that allows it to grow, and to perform whatever process may be commercially useful.  Thus, the word “fermentation” covers a continuum of processes, from the large scale production commodity chemicals, […]

Fermentation Waste Expert

What is does a fermentation waste expert do?  A fermentation waste expert probably has degrees and experience in a combination of microbiology and process engineering.  They understand the total inputs and outputs of a fermentation process.  Therefore, they understand how to exchange toxic for non-toxic inputs and how to identify inputs with potential to be […]

Fermentation Expert

What does a Fermentation Expert or Consultant do? Fermentation strictly refers to the anaerobic growth of bacteria and yeasts, but it is the common term used to refer to any growth process of bacteria, archaea or fungi in glass or steel vessels outfitted with temperature and other environmental controls. A fermentation expert will have experience […]