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The Industrial State of Biofuels Technologies

By Dr. Gerald Kutney, Lee Enterprises Consulting A myriad of biofuel technologies exist, but which ones are truly industrial processes? The question is not always easy to answer. And one must define what is meant by an industrial process. To facilitate this task, three classifications of industrial status are utilized: Established – modern facilities are numerous, […]

Why and When You Need a Project Consultant

As the CEO of the world’s largest bioenergy consulting group, I am fortunate to have a unique opportunity to view alternative fuels projects from many different perspectives. Within our group, now numbering over 75 experts, I find that each member has his or her own approach which developed from their personal experience and training. As […]

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) at Your Plant

As your facilities continue to age they experience wear and tear: Your facilities are no longer new. The majority of even the youngest of the ethanol and biodiesel production facilities are 5 or more years old at this point. As millions of gallons pumps through your equipment it can erode piping, vessels and other components […]

Climate Change and the American Economy

The 3rd National Climate Assessment (NCA) was released earlier this month, painting a frightening picture of the spiraling costs of climate disruption to America and highlighting the need to price carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.  While President Obama has pledged action and the electricity industry nervously awaits new EPA regulations for power plant emissions, the most appropriate […]

Heating Oil Direct Final Rule Re-Issued 09/24/13 – Published 10/22/13

Quick View of EPA’s New Heating Oil  Rule (Stress on Heating Oil) Many of you biofuels producers have probably already gotten wind of the new Heating Oil Rule the EPA was finally able to re-issue September 24, 2013 as a direct final rule and was published in the Federal Register yesterday, October 22, 2013. It was initially […]