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Recent Projects

With over 100 bioenergy and biochemical experts worldwide, our consultants have performed thousands of projects.  Below are recent samples. 

Advanced Ceramic Materials – Developed materials process to modify ceramic structure leading to high density and thermal shock resistance with high levels of toughness, hardness, chemical and wear resistance, and modified thermal and electrical properties. The technology has potential to extend the performance of advanced ceramic materials and subsequent products in structural and electronic applications.

Air Permitting – Worked with facility owners and management to submit appropriate information and applications to local, state and federal jurisdictions to obtain construction and operating permits.

Asset Appraisals & Valuations – Conducted appraisals of many types of biofuels, bioenergy and wood pellet mills and equipment.

ASTM Guideline Consulting – Conducted sampling and testing programs to meet ASTM guidelines for biofuels plants.

Biodiesel Plant Business Case Development – Technology assessment and business case development for a 15 million gallon/year biodiesel facility using forest residuals for feedstock. Included identification of technology suitable for non-recourse debt financing, development of capital and operating costs, feedstock assessment, and market analysis.

Bioenergy Facility Site Selection – Evaluated multiple sites for suitability for biomass conversion technology. Assessment included feedstock availability, site logistics, infrastructure, and impact on project economics. Work included a combination of research, discussions with relevant parties, and inspection of potential sites.

Biomass Cogeneration Power Project – Agricultural Waste – Project development services for 2 MW biomass cogeneration power project in northern Thailand using rice husk as primary fuel source. Activities included feasibility study, fuel availability study, environmental and community impact assessment, grid connection study, preliminary design, PPA application, licensing & permitting, preparation of tender documents, contractor negotiations, construction inspection & supervision and commissioning & startup supervision.

Profitability of Biomass Export Products from Forest Residues – Conducted study for biomass exports for major Australian forestry company for two regions in eastern Australia. Study detailed appropriate products, including black pellets and pyrolysis oil, outlined the technologies to make them and technology companies, analyzed markets for these products in Japan and Europe, and described highly efficient supply chains to get product competitively to market.

Biomass Power Generation Assessments – Conducted studies of market opportunities and the regulatory environment for investment in grid-connected, bagasse-fired cogeneration power projects in the Philippines and Thailand. The completed reports included overviews of the countries’ power sectors, electricity markets, available technologies, summaries of the sugarcane industry & companies involved, status of biofuels for electricity generation, and options for financing.

Biomass Power Generation Design – Designed, engineered, and managed construction for two greenfield biomass power generation facilities based on 6.5 MW modules using Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology for reduced operations and maintenance costs. Projects utilized wood residuals from sawmills and logging operations to generate clean power and heat to be used for lumber drying and were the largest facilities of this type in the world when completed.

Business Planning – Created business plans for several types of biofuels, biochemical, biomass power, anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis operations.

Business Case Development – Conducted technology assessments and business case development for different types of facilities utilizing a variety of feedstocks.  Work included identification of technology suitable for non-recourse debt financing, development of capital and operating costs, feedstock assessment, and market analysis.

Design & Fabrication of a Bio-oil Process Plant – Design and fabrication of a 120 t/d bio-oil production from waste biomass plant.

Design & Fabrication of Hydropyrolysis Pilot Plant – Design & Fabrication of a 2 kg/hr. Hydropyrolysis pilot plant.

Due Diligence, Investment – Engaged by investment firms to conduct business and technology audits of biomass and biofuels start-ups and existing ventures, including demonstration facilities, operating conditions and data, pro formas, and related documentation.

EPA and IRS Plant Registrations – Assisted renewable fuels plants in filing the appropriated documentation and fulfilling the requirements for required IRS, EPA and state registrations.

Executive Recruiting – Conducted specialized recruitment to source biofuels, biomass and biomaterials professionals (plant managers, chemists and other professionals) at various locations.

Expert Witness Services – Most of our 100+ experts have evaluated matters within their specialty and testified as expert witnesses on a variety of biomass and bioenergy projects.

Feasibility Studies – We have conducted a variety of feasibility studies worldwide for biodiesel, ethanol, biomass power, anaerobic digestion, pyrolysis, wood waste to diesel fuel, and biochemical companies worldwide.  Also assisted a major cruise line in assessing the viability of using biofuels in ocean going cruise ships and major international airlines in determining economic feasibility of using renewable diesel as a sustainable aviation fuel replacement for current petro-diesel jet fuels.

Feedstock Evaluation – We have evaluated many types of feedstocks for a number of clients, to assess and implement the most practical and profitable options.

Feedstock Site Selection – We have evaluated multiple sites for suitability for biomass conversion and other technologies. Assessments included feedstock availability, site logistics, infrastructure, and impact on project economics. Work included a combination of research, discussions with relevant parties, and inspection of potential sites.

Feedstock Procurement & Financing Assistance – Provide biodiesel and ethanol feedstock procurement, help secure financing and hedging advice to biodiesel and ethanol plants. We can lock in forward margins via hedging instruments and can assist plants with working capital by offering feedstock finance programs where feedstock is funded until it is converted to fuel.

General Consulting – Biofuels & Renewable Chemicals – Provided a variety of consulting services for many biofuels and renewable chemical companies and plants worldwide.

Grant Proposals – We have written and evaluated a number of grant proposals for a variety of companies, including a multinational company co-developing a process for producing Omega-3 fatty acids, and DEO grant proposals involving extraction of valuable products from aqueous product streams from fermentation processes utilizing a variety of techniques including membrane technologies.

High-Temperature Superconductors – Researched high-temperature (High-Tc) superconductors including syntheses, films preparation, and investigating properties of superconducting phases in the Bi-Pb-Sr-Ca-Cu-O and Y-Ba-Cu-O systems.

Hydroelectric Power Generation – Assisted owner with project development, PPA acquisition, and project implementation planning for a 25 MW run-of-river power facility. Provided project and construction management services during design, construction, commissioning, and start up. Additional services included the control system design and implementation and the transmission line design.

Insurance – Provided various insurance coverages for biodiesel, ethanol, grain solvent extraction and other plants in the U.S.

Investment Due Diligence – Engaged by lenders and investment firms worldwide to conduct technical and financial due diligence for loans and investments for start-ups and existing operations, including a tire pyrolysis venture for an IPO filing.   Services also include evaluation of demonstration facilities, operating conditions and data, pro formas, and related documentation.

Latex Dipping Projects – Conducted several projects in the latex-dipped products industry, including trouble-shooting processing problems, and helping companies modify their products to address new FDA requirements, such as the recent ban on glove donning powder.

Marketing of Biofuels – Assisted renewable fuels plants in securing long term off-take agreements and negotiating resulting contracts.

Next Generation Renewable Jet Fuels – Conducting research for development of next generation renewable jet fuels.

OSHA PSM – Conducted comprehensive process safety management (PSM) compliance audits of biodiesel and ethanol facilities as required by law, identification of deficiencies, and provided subsequent assistance to obtain compliance with 29 CFR 1910.119, OSHA’s Process Safety Management standard.

Plant Design & Fabrication – Including a variety of facilities:

  • 25+ biodiesel plants.
  • A 2 kg/hr hydropyrolysis pilot plant and a 120 t/d bio-oil production plant from waste biomass
  • A 1.5 t/d integrated biomass feed capacity bio-refinery
  • A 15t/d and a 30t/d wood feed capacity biomass to food additives production plants utilizing biomass pyrolysis
  • Two 1.5l/hr and one 10 t/d biomass catalytic cracking pilot and demonstration plants
  • A bio-oil plant using pyrolysis for processing 50t/d of waste from palm oil production

Process Optimization – Optimized a polymer pyrolysis process for a company focused on recovering valuable chemical building blocks and intermediates from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). With kinetic functions obtained from a combination of literature and experiment, the decomposition profile was modeled as a function of process parameters including: temperature, time, pressure, flow rates, and MSW composition. The kinetic model forms the basis of a demonstration plant under construction that will recover 4,000 tons per year of valuable chemicals.

Plant Optimization – Maximized the yields, and energy & labor efficiency, and implemented procedures to minimize waste at multiple biodiesel and ethanol plants worldwide.

Project Management & Financing – Developed commercial scale integrated biorefinery projects. Project elements included selection of Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) companies, development of Basic and Detailed Engineering package, site selection, coordination of feedstock and off-take agreements; project financing package development, identification and structuring of project financing.

Renewable Aviation Fuels – Conducted research for development of next generation renewable jet fuels.

RFS Engineering Reviews – Provided government required engineering reviews for numerous biodiesel and ethanol plants.

RFS Evaluation – Assessed fuel supply outlook and regulatory changes to the LCFS and similar programs that have the potential to impact the growth and sustainability of opportunities for renewable fuel producers looking to participate in both Pacific Coast and the RFS marketplaces.  Assisted with fundamental price modeling for fuels and credits.

RIN Training – Consulting on and training of plant personnel in the registration for and production of Renewable Identification Numbers as required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Risk Assessments – Performed Process Hazard Analyses (PHA) using Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) study methodology, including structured and systematic examination of existing processes and operations, to identify and evaluate problems that may represent risks to personnel or equipment.

Start-up Training –. – Developed and implemented an online operations training program for fuel ethanol production facilities that utilizes process flow diagrams, process control diagrams, block flow diagrams and 3D models to educate ethanol production facility operators on the role of each piece of equipment in the process, identify equipment locations, describe process flows, state the equipment processing functions, describe basic process controls and identify the main equipment internal components.

Semiconductor and Optical Materials – Research of the ternary compounds including syntheses, single crystal growth, phase equilibrium, properties; theories of formations of the complex compounds, crystallographic classification, and changing properties; and predicting the possibility of the existence of the new compounds and their crystal structure and properties. The developed complex compounds from the Tl – Pb – Te, Tl – Ta – S, and AI – BIII – CVI systems (AI – Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs, Ag, Cu; BIII – Ga, In, Tl; and CVI – S, Se, Te) are promising semiconductor, electro-optic, nonlinear-optic, luminescence, pyroelectric, and piezoelectric materials.

Site Location – Biochemicals & Bioproducts– Located suitable tolling facilities for Industrial biotech products, focus was primarily on large scale fermentation and downstream processing.

Site Selection – Evaluated multiple sites for suitability for biodiesel, ethanol, biomass conversion, and other biofuels and biochemicals projects. Assessments included feedstock availability, site logistics, infrastructure, and impact on project economics, including a combination of research, discussions with relevant parties, inspection of potential sites, and suitable tolling facilities.

Tax Credit Consulting – Assisted various clients with applying for and securing state and federal tax credits in U.S. and Canada.

Technology Development – Including biofuels and additives, biomass/waste conversion and scrubbing/cleaning systems processes, gasification, pyrolysis, steam reformation, gas-to-liquid technologies to produce clean energy and higher value products from waste feedstocks such as biomass, municipal solid waste, industrial waste, medical waste, sewage sludge, and used tires, azeotropic distillation as a method for extracting useful chemicals from pyrolysis process streams, bio-derived fillers into polymers, reactor system for a UV-catalytic hybrid reactor to pasteurize waste water and food products, process for recovering heat and oil, and producing pure potable water from snack chip manufacturing vent gas, extraction of useful metals from natural and industrial brine solutions, valorization of waste from food processing, and conversion of small organic molecules in waste water to useful extractable products.

Technology Evaluation – Including biofuels, biochemicals, bioplastics, bioproducts, enzymes, gas to liquid (modular syngas upgrading process), hydrothermal carbonization of digestate, CO2 to fuels, and wood pellets/wood to fuels projects, “drop-in” transportation biofuels from forestry biomass and wood residuals, technologies using forestry biomass as a feedstock (i.e. catalytic (fast) pyrolysis, hydrothermal liquefaction and gasification), technologies for removing fluorine and other anions from drinking water,  use of forward-osmotic technology for industrial waste water purification including the testing of new membrane materials, and selective oxidation catalysts.

Thermal Cracking – A key intermediate in the preparation of a high value coating product was purified by controlled thermal cracking for an international polymers company. Energy savings of 35% was realized by closely controlling and optimizing the heat transfer to the cracking process and intensifying the process operation. Designed experiments to validate kinetic models to prepare the process for commercial implementation. The process is being scaled up to commercial scale.

United Nations Study – At the request of the United Nations, developed a study of potential pyrolysis oil markets in several EU countries and Japan. Study was of liquid pyrolysis oil, made from biomass, to be used to replace fossil oil in many industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Water Permitting – Worked with facility owners and management to submit appropriate information and applications to local, state and federal jurisdictions to obtain construction and operating permits.