Financing Expert

“You are not immune to market risks, even if you have feedstock and offtake contracts.”

Technology Expert

“Develop clear pass/fail criteria for new markets and new technologies by applying the best possible knowledge.”

Bio Process Expert

“Benchmark costs of your current solution and consider all operations activities.”

Scale–Up Expert

“Assumptions are not facts. Validate at each step of the way.”

Agitation Equipment Expert

“Ongoing power costs may dwarf savings on capital costs when using sub-optimum equipment.”

Torrefaction Expert

“It is not finance or technology that makes or breaks a project. It is the resource availability and logistics costs.”

Fermentation Expert

“Get unbiased third-party advice. Shortcuts are illusions of the solutions they pretend to be.”

Environmental Expert

“Balance the social, economic, and environmental aspects of each project with a holistic view of the supply chain from feedstock production to end-user.”

Finance Expert

“Do not try to base a successful business model in reliance on government subsidies that change frequently.”

Finance Expert

“Know who benefits and who pays, and what happens if those that pay suddenly stop because a market has shifted.”

Technology Expert

“Do not get out too far in front of a new technology. It must be fully proven at every step of the scale up.”

Technology Expert

“A technology is not a business. The question is always how it can be monetized.”

Finance Expert

New biotech businesses often require large cap-ex. Is it a good use of venture capital or too risky for project financing?

Supply Chain Expert

“Consider the entire supply chain, not just the part your product plays in it.”

Due Diligence Expert

“ Rapid, well-thought-out experimentation is key to innovation. Aim for fast success, however, don’t be afraid to kill a project if it does not meet agreed-upon success criteria.”

Marketing Expert

“In the creation of a successful business case, take into account validated technological and business value, not only cost and price. ”

Finance Expert

“Most Federal Funding Programs require some percent of the project costs be provided as a cash contribution by the applicant.”