Dennis Zeedyk


Glycerin & Reclaimed Methanol Processing & Trading, Biodiesel, Feedstocks

Dennis graduated with B.S. in Agriculture from The Ohio State University and an M.S. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Illinois.  He handles our glycerin and reclaimed methanol related matters. After grain trading for several years, Dennis worked for the US Grains Council in Southeast Asia and several USAID development projects in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. He returned to the U.S. to start up and operate a multi-feedstock biodiesel plant in Indiana for investors, where he directed the building of acid esterification systems, purchase and delivery of feedstock and other production inputs, and the sale of biodiesel and glycerin. To date, Dennis has traded over 20,000 tons of crude glycerin for animal feed and industrial use and 1 million gallons of reclaimed methanol.  Dennis operates Glycerin Traders, LLC, a glycerin marketing company.  Contact Dennis.