Martin Wahl


Investor Liaison, Federal Funding Support and New Sector Development

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Martin has an MBA from Virginia Tech and more than 25 years’ experience in corporate B2B product development, marketing and management, including biofuels industry surveillance database development and management. He works closely with our team and strategic partners assessing project suitability and investment potential, including identifying Federal funding programs. Martin has also managed many of our strategic relationships with our bioeconomy partners in cannabis and hemp project due diligence and funding, in addition to legal, environmental, and permitting, engineering and construction, feedstock supply, and laboratory services across LEC’s sectors. With hands-on experience with WVO biodiesel start-ups during the industry’s inception that included presenting investor pitches followed by his work with Genscape in biofuels RIN verification programs, Martin brings a practical perspective to his current work with Lee Enterprises Consulting. Contact Martin.