Biofuels, Refining, Specialty Chemicals, Waste Management/Re-Use, Water Treatment (Cooling, Boilers, Waste Water)

Graham has 34 years of industrial experience in refining, oil and gas, petrochemicals, mining, specialty chemicals and biofuels industries; including 15 years’ direct experience in the support of biodiesel plants in all aspects of business planning, design, engineering, construction, start-up, operation and regulatory registrations in Australia, the USA and Canada.  His specialties include ultrasonic and enzymatic biodiesel reaction processes which he helped to develop commercially in North America working with Hielscher Gmbh and Novozymes as the respective technology owners. In his consulting work for the biodiesel industry, Graham supported over 30 different clients in the smaller market (500,000 -20 mmgpy) capacity range, including direct employment as the CEO of W2Fuel in Michigan and Iowa. With 10 years in water treatment for cooling water, boilers and waste water systems, plus direct operating experience for waste water systems Graham can consult on waste treatment, process selection, operational improvements, water re-use options and permitting of waste water systems and discharges. Graham also has certification as a Permaculture Design Consultant specializing in sustainable/resilient agriculture and farming.

Graham’s work history includes employment with Shell, Betz, Champion Technologies, General Electric, Baker Hughes, W2Fuel, Valicor and Solenis, as well as contracted work with BP, Shell, BHP Billiton, Valero, Flint Hills Resources, and Marathon Petroleum.  Graham has a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Chemical Engineering from the University of Queensland in Australia, where he was the winner of the Western Mining Award and PC Brooks Design Prize for his engineering design projects. Contact Graham.