Carbon Capture, Specialty and Fine Chemicals, Nanoparticles, Filtration, Solids Handling, Process Development, Plant Design and Optimization

Bryce specializes in Cleantech operations with a focus on Carbon Capture and Reuse, Nanoparticle Synthesis and Production, and Process Development.  He works with companies developing new technologies to help them identify the critical information and implement protocols required to ensure that products and operations scale safely, efficiently, and reliably.  Bryce also evaluates new potential processes and companies for start-up companies, venture capital and private equity firms, investors, and specialty/fine chemical companies.

Prior to consulting, Bryce spent 12 years in industry working in process and product scale-up in specialty chemicals and start-up companies.  He understands how to unlock value in cost-efficient ways and seeks to help his clients find good, reliable solutions to their scale-up and process development problems.  Bryce holds a BS degree in ChE from North Carolina State University and MS and PhD degrees, also in ChE, from Purdue University. Contact Bryce.