Joel Stone


(EVP) Fermentation, Biobased Materials, Biofuels, Food Ingredients, Enzymes, Strategic Planning, Synthetic Biology

Joel is the President of ConVergInce Advisers and has been a long-term visionary and respected leader in commercialization of industrial biotechnology and present day commercial developments in synthetic biology. Joel is an accomplished executive and leader in start-up companies. He has held leadership roles at Green Biologics Inc., Butylfuel™, Osage Bio Energy, AS Alliances Biofuels, Abengoa Bioenergy, Balchem, Opta Food Ingredients, and Genencor.  Joel’s successes and expertise include strategic planning, design and construction, fermentation design, process development, technical transfer, troubleshooting, process analysis, optimization, cost reduction, downstream recovery, plant startups, scale up/scale down planning, and commercial product deployment. Most notable accomplishments included: as President of Green Biologics development of the commercial platform for renewable n-butanol and acetone; as COO of AS Alliances Biofuels planning, construction, and startup of three 100 MMGPY fuel grade ethanol; and, as Vice President of Operations for Opta Food Ingredients, commercialization of multiple products including functional starch, protein, and fiber ingredients. Earlier in his career Joel served as Director of Manufacturing for Genencor, a biotechnology developer and manufacturer of food and industrial grade enzymes. Projects typically include the following example scopes:

  • Implementing management and technical transitions following acquisitions or mergers;
  • Performing 3rd party independent reviews of your business plans or technology direction;
  • Guiding you with experienced planning from bench, to scale up, to commercialization;
  • Expanding into new product lines to diversify in biofuel or chemical sectors;
  • Implementing new technologies with a vendor-neutral perspective;
  • Planning expansion into new geographies from the ground up; and
  • Providing interim leadership or project management

Joel holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic University; and an M.S. in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Joel was a previous Board Member of Green Biologics and presently serves on the Technical Advisory Board for the BioRenewable Deployment Consortium, and Advisory Board for Business Climate leaders. He has twice been selected to Biofuels Digest Top 100 in the Bioeconomy.  Watch Joel’s VideoContact Joel.