(EVP) Ethanol & Protein Feed Ingredients, Plastics Circular Economies, Due Diligence

Mike has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering (University of Queensland, Australia) and many years’ experience in renewables and polymers.  He has held a variety of leadership roles with Flint Hills Resources, Hawkeye Renewables, Dow Chemical and DuPont during his 40+ year career in biological and chemical process industries, including Innovation Director, Engineering & Technology VP,  VP Operations, Plant Manager and Project Management for projects ranging from $200MM to $3+ billion.

His most recent experience includes 15 years in fuel ethanol, protein co-products and biodiesel operations, engineering & technology.   As Innovation Director for Flint Hills, Mike was responsible for improving plant reliability, yield, energy use, production rate and productivity through advanced process monitoring & control, asset performance management and machine learning.  He evaluated many new ethanol & biodiesel technologies which have resulted in major investments in protein co-products, yield, energy reduction/carbon intensity and production rate improvements.   He completed due diligence for the acquisition of 7 ethanol plants on both buyer and seller sides.  He was a key player in merging different company cultures while developing and implementing new business operational strategies having done this for the ethanol business and for DuPont Dow elastomers business.   This included personal and process safety, plant reliability, project management and economic evaluation.  He has completed Koch Industries Market-Based Management® development program.

Mike was responsible for the greenfield construction and start-up of two 120 million gallon per year ethanol plants for Hawkeye Renewables.

Prior to entering the ethanol industry, Mike worked in the polyolefins and elastomers businesses for Dow Chemical and DuPont Dow Elastomers as Plant Manager and VP Operations with operations in US and Europe.   He was responsible for 12 manufacturing plants including EH&S, sourcing/procurement and supply chain, Six Sigma program and engineering & construction.    As Program Director for Dow Chemical, Mike completed FEED for a $3+ billion mega-project in the middle-east.   Process and product technology included polyethylene, Neoprene®, EPDM, ethylene-octene elastomers, FKM/FFKM fluoroelastomers and expanded polystyrene insulation. Contact Mike.