Loren Steenhoek, PE, PHD

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Due Diligence/Red Flag, Greenfield Development, Feedstock (source, collect, handle), Supply Chain, Equipment, IP, Economics, Processes, Startup, Commissioning, Crops, Cellulosic, Anaerobic Digester, Electric Vehicles

Loren is a licensed Professional Engineer and has a Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering and MBA from Iowa State University, with over 20-years’ project management/development experience with DuPont (now Corteva Agriscience).  He holds 8 patents related to specialized equipment and software systems used in field processes for corn breeding research, agronomic research tools, GIS Operations software, and feedstock harvesting equipment.  Loren is a certified Six Sigma Blackbelt and has a broad spectrum of experience with evaluating business processes, financial modeling, and implementing organizational and operations improvements.

Loren was a key driver in the greenfield development of supply systems (feedstock aggregation, field equipment, future harvest equipment, Geographic Information Systems, procurement, sourcing interfaces, and contracts with equipment providers, transportation, and storage site development) for the DuPont Cellulosic Ethanol effort to collect over 100,000 acres of corn stover feedstock.  Additionally, Loren was part of the initial team that selected the site location, worked with community development on economic incentives and evaluation of feedstock viability, and evaluated the supply chain economics.  As part of the supply chain and feedstock operations – Loren drove enterprise processes for procurement, management, deployment, and logistics – sourcing $60MM in operations equipment and reducing capital input and procurement of variable inputs by 30%.

In various engineering and project execution roles, Loren designed several specialized agricultural equipment including a mobile wind simulation invention, unique seed planting, and harvesting machines, and innovative corn stover collection machinery.  For each of these devices, Loren facilitated manufacturing in-house and with third parties, and deployed the systems to a production setting.

Loren headed his Engineering Department’s role of R&D technology manager to identify future development pathways and oversaw the publication of 20+ patents and later served as a subject matter expert on production processes.

Loren received the DuPont Sustainable Grown and Excellence Award for his work in Ethanol Feedstock Harvesting, the Engineering Excellence Award for Laser-Assisted Seed Sampling Systems, and the Engineering Excellence Award for DuPont’s innovative wind machine, Boreas.

Loren facilitates projects with LEC in the areas of project management, due diligence & red flag assessment, greenfield startups, business development, process improvement, supply chains, material handling, agriculture, equipment, feedstock, ethanol, cellulosics, biomass, anaerobic digesters, electric vehicles, biogas, manure, waste, commissioning & startup, construction oversight, operations, logistics, sourcing & procurement, contracts, patents, and intellectual property.  Contact Loren.