Bob Starkey


Market Studies & Cost Analysis of Bunker Fuel, Biofuels, Carbon Black Fuels, Ethanol, Biodiesel, Plastic Resins

Bob has an MBA International Management and over 30 years’ experience in petrochemicals, biofuels and fuel components trading – in the US and internationally.  He is the former president of petrochemical trading company specializing in polymer resins, fuel components, MTBE, 2EOH, ethanol, methanol and engineering grade resins, has worked in chemical trading and business development for Mitsubishi International Corporation, and served as the Director of Biofuels for Kingsman, SA, a Swiss provider of price information and analytic for the sugar and biofuels markets.

Bob has also worked as a market analyst and managing editor with Jim Jordan & Associates, a provider of price reporting and market intelligence to the methanol and transportation fuels markets.  Bob has written and edited numerous industry market reports, including a worldwide, multi-client, ethanol study.  He has also authored multiple ethanol and biodiesel studies, has expertise in purchasing and selling products in the carbon black, heavy fuel oil, biofuels, fuel components and plastics resin markets.  Bob also brings extensive operational experience in logistics and supply chain management for these types of products and is fluent in Spanish. Contact Bob.