Mark Robertson


Gasification, Biofuel and Biochemical Synthesis, Gas to Liquids, Biomass and Waste-to-Energy, Techno-Economic Assessments, Front End Engineering, Fluidization and Process Design

Mark has a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) with honors from Sydney University, is a registered Professional Engineer (PE) in the State of Colorado and has 30 years of experience in technology development, plant operations and engineering. He is currently a consultant, assisting bioenergy companies to develop technologies and projects.

Mark has been involved in the conceptual design, engineering, construction and operation of biofuels plants producing biodiesel, biojet, methanol and ethanol as well as several waste to energy and biomass to energy projects. Most recently he has completed techno-economic assessments on high pressure biomass gasification, biomass refueling, renewable natural gas, biomass power and ethane to aromatics technologies and has conducted due diligence on multiple small-scale gas to liquids technologies.

Mark has been awarded multiple patents relating to fluidized bed reforming and gasification. He led a team that competed in the Carbon XPrize, utilizing fluidized bed dry reforming to produce dimethyl ether from carbon dioxide and natural gas.

Mark has specialist technical knowledge in the areas of biomass gasification, synthesis gas technologies, gas conditioning and cleanup, biofuel and chemical synthesis, Fischer-Tropsch fuel synthesis, fluidization and process design.

Mark has gained extensive experience through successful execution of projects including pilot plant testing, scale-up, front-end engineering, detailed engineering, construction and plant operations.  Contact Mark.