Hugh McLaughlin


Chemical Process Development, Pyrolysis Technologies, Biochar and Activated Carbon Production and Quality Control

Dr. Hugh McLaughlin, P.E. is a hands-on technologist specializing in the development and implementation of chemically-based technologies. Hugh has a B.S. in Chemistry, an M.S. in Chemical Engineering, and a Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering.  He is a registered professional engineer in Massachusetts. With over forty years’ experience in process chemistry and engineering, industrial R&D, and scale-up of new technologies, Hugh has taken many concepts from lab to scale-up to marketplace. He specializes in adapting proven industrial approaches and practices to the newly emerging areas of renewable energy and carbon/climate-conscious technologies.  He is also a recognized expert in biochar and activated carbon production and characterization, having served as the director of biochar research for an emerging pyrolysis venture in Canada.  He has developed innovative technologies in his personal lab, and continues to have a high profile in the biochar research community, having written several publications and authored three chapters in the book, “The Biochar Revolution”.  Hugh is particularly effective when augmenting existing internal resources by providing experience and perspective on the phases of growing a concept into a profitable commercial enterprise.  Contact Hugh.