Elena new

Administration, Customer Relations, Marketing, Public Relations, Project Management

Elena has an international professional and educational background. She studied English at Hempstead in London, UK, French at Babel in Nice, France, and graduated with honors from St Bernard’s in New Orleans, Louisiana, where she was listed as one of the top 5% of U.S. students. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, Marketing, and Management from Singidunum University in Belgrade and worked as a Senior Administrator at RTS, the largest Broadcasting Corporation in Serbia.

Elena later specialized in Public Relations, graduating from the International Public Relations Association’s Business School, and working as a PR consultant for an international PR firm. She has served as project manager for several non-governmental associations and participated in creating and implementing numerous campaigns and projects for the government, NGOs, and some of the leading companies in the Balcans. For five years prior to joining Lee Enterprises Consulting, Elena served as a Guest Relations Supervisor for the world’s largest cruising corporation. Contact Elena.