Tom Joslin


Municipal & Private Wastewater Planning, Collection & Treatment, Anaerobic Digestion

Tom has a B.S. degree in Engineering (environmental) from the University of Vermont and more than 40 years of experience in the wastewater field, in the public and private sectors.  For 23 years, in the USEPA/Vermont clean water revolving loan program, he worked with municipalities, state and USEPA officials, and consulting engineers, guiding wastewater collection and treatment projects from first concept to construction bid opening, through planning and design review, environmental/ historic preservation review, permit coordination and funding assistance.  Projects reviewed ranged in size from about  $100,000 up to about $30 million.  He was also a residuals (biosolids) management regulator for several years.  Prior to state service, as a consulting engineer, he worked on municipal wastewater planning and design, and utilities mapping and design for a major semiconductor manufacturer.  Tom is a Vermont registered professional engineer, and is now owner of Prospect Environmental Services PLLC, including an environmental applied research laboratory in Jericho, Vermont.  Contact Tom.