Tad Hepner


Cellulosic Feedstocks, Ethanol & Other Fermentation Bio Technologies, Enzymes, Yeast, and Insect Based Proteins (Techno Economic Modeling, Field Studies, Commercialization)

Tad has a BS in Biology/Chemistry, an MBA, and spent the past 10 years with POET Biomass, working to define and operate POET’s 300,000 ton per year $20M, cellulosic agricultural residue supply chain collection.  While at POET, Tad maintained relationships with industry partners and research collaborators for new starch yeast and enzyme portfolios, working with DuPont, Novozymes, DSM, Lallemand and others.  Tad led the POET team that designed and produced proprietary blockchain biomass collection and logistics software to streamline annual collection activities. His activities also included field research, contracting, farmer education, load delivery scheduling, and quality dockage schedules with equipment to measure.  Tad led a multi-department project, taking advantage of POET’s core competencies and process conditions to capture cellulosic RIN credits from In Situ corn kernel fiber conversion and leveraged staff, consultants and labs resulting in in-person EPA petitioning for pathway acceptance resulting in an estimated $120M annually.  Tad has championed numerous efforts to capture government funds via grant submissions from Dept of Energy – Bioenergy Technologies Office, and collaborated efforts for various joint research projects with many government labs such as Battelle Contractor, NREL, ORNL, Sandia National, and Argonne National Labs. Contact Tad.