Pat Guidera

Biomass Procurement, Biofuels, Biochemical (PHA Bioplastics), Grants, Feasibility Studies, Angel Investment, Business Plans, New Technology Assessment and Deployment

Patrick is a Registered Professional Forester in Alberta and has expertise in biomass procurement, biofuels, and biochemical (PHA Bioplastics) projects, grant preparation, feasibility studies, assisting with securing Angel Investment, business plans, technology/venture vetting, and audits. Patrick is exceptionally well networked in Alberta to assist in the development of new bioenergy and cleantech projects.

Patrick has worked in the cleantech, bioenergy technology evaluation, and investment sector since 2003 with the Government of Alberta, as Director of Forest Business & Bioeconomy Initiatives, and as Director of Forest Technology at Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions, ending in 2020.  Patrick has extensively supported new technology providers, evaluated projects, funded and managed projects for development.

Two examples of projects Patrick was involved in, over an eight-year period, through Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions,  Patrick supported SBI BioEnergy to prove their “drop-in” renewable diesel and jet fuels technology. This lead to a $10-million mini-refinery at the Edmonton Research Park.  The pilot plant began operations in 2016 to produce up to 10 million liters.  SBI’s refining process uses a catalytic technology without water or hydrogen or waste material.

At Alberta Innovates, under his leadership, we invested in Terra Verdae Bioworks of Edmonton, Alberta.  The investment focused on a PHA lab to create a line of biodegradable, natural microspheres for use in personal care and cosmetic products, as a direct replacement for synthetic, non-degradable plastic microbeads that are currently the subject of restrictive legislation throughout the world. These natural microspheres are a PHA-based biomaterial produced using a non- GMO, non-toxic, plant-associated process and are intrinsically biodegradable.  Contact Patrick.