Aashish Gaurav


Plastic Recycling, Biodiesel and Fuel Additives, Gasification and Pyrolysis, Syngas to Chemicals, Coal to Chemicals (Techno Economic Analysis, Due Diligence, Technology Review)

Aashish is a chemical process engineer, with a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and seven years of R&D and process engineering engagements for petrochemical, oil and gas, renewable energy and fuel-additive and reactor design firms.  His expertise has encompasses varied technical, financial, and managerial experiences.  He has participated in industrial and academic collaborations and has presented opportunities to work with a variety of projects in energy, fuel and additives, olefins, oil and gas and petrochemicals.  Aashish offers services in techno-economic analyses (mass and energy balances, capital and operating cost calculations, and process flow analysis) , life cycle assessments (LCA), and operational due diligence.  Contact Aashish.